Does age matter in this business?

I'm 46 as of the other day. I signed up for Team Beachbody coaching when I was 36 right in the blood bath of the market crash. For a multitude of reasons (some I won't share publicly), I knew I wanted and needed to stay self employed. My career prior to this was in real estate, owned my own firm, it was a boutique operation but vertical. The journey since has been pure growth as a person, as a man, as a father, a friend, and as a leader in the making. This has taken my life down a path of significance.

I've been part of virtually everything my kids have done (not in some weird way). They were 2 & 4 when I signed up. I coached every team, was the consummate volunteer at preschool, kindergarten, and every grade since. When my youngest developed severe asthma, we were able to move to a place where the air quality and allergens worked for him. When my marriage was hitting the skids, I had the time and resources to truly dig into the counseling process and the time to read countless books. While that didn't workout, I know 100% that I did everything possible and still spent significant time with my kids every step of the way. Now i'm a full time single dad and was able to move back to my hometown with my kids where all of my family, friend network, and business is rooted. My youngest's asthma had the reprieve the docs said he'd have when we moved (2.5 years), so now he's getting another reprieve and that will take him to adult sized lungs, so he's had every chance for his health in a positive way. I haven't even shared about the amount of days i've had on my skis, snowboard, mountain bike, or at the beach.

To compare and contrast that with my real estate life prior, that was far more stressful, it was something that didn't allow time off uninterrupted. I remember taking calls on my honeymoon because no matter how well I had things covered, when a deal takes a dump, it's you who will save it. And I did. And that sucked.

Today i'm in this single dad mode. My business isn't where I want it to be but i'm rallying and seeing the markers that make me feel confident for the future. I have the most amazing relationship with my boys. They are now 12 & 13. What they've been through over the last few years is rough, but they are thriving and growing and doing better in school and relationships than they have in the last few years. Divorce isn't easy for anyone, especially the kids. After i pick them up each day, we go to the park next to their schools and play frisbee or catch for a solid hour. Every day. I had a catch with my dad maybe 3 or 4 times ever.

I learned early on in this business that my career and all the cool stuff I had done in life prior, didn't form an "auto pilot to success" in Beachbody coaching. In 2010 when I was in the top ten coaches, I watched Josh take the #1 spot. He was 25 years old when that year closed out. I had closed a couple hundred million in real estate deals before then, represented a handful of very wealthy people, one of my clients was royalty from Monaco, I represented the #1 builder on Wall St., many private builders, I worked with private banks, institutional funds, hedge funds, and I had $386M in escrow the day the market crashed. Even with all that deal experience, this 25 year old kid beat me. That was awesome to experience because it is humbling to say the least. It also showed me that anyone can succeed in this. There's juxtaposition to the heart of your post.

>>> Go back ten years, and the 20 somethings wanted to know if this business could work. <<<

Josh paved the way. He trained Wayne and Wayne showed another version of Traci's story with 6 kids and a very busy life. Then Lindsay takes things to a whole other level, and she taught Melanie. And so on, and so on. The pay it forward proclamation we all seem to embrace did not come with a limit on anyone's age. That's a self imposed limiting belief. Age simply doesn't matter. Sure there will be sweet spots or demographics that may see faster traction, but there's room for us all. I'll root for someone else's success just as much as my own.

I could go on and on about all the growth, the trips, the friendships...ok, i'll take a moment to speak to the friendships, because we are in the personal relationship business. I have had the privilege to become great friends with people who've shaped my life in such positive ways. They may or may not realize it. I'm sure Dave gets it, Tommy & Jimmy (#TimmyTommy), Monica, Hillary, Anna, Judd, Traci, Anne, Pete, Robert Kemp, and countless more have played roles.

I watch friends from growing up, friends from college or my sports days, and see so many unhappy people. One of my best friends from growing up had a heart attack last week at 45. The guy was less than 200 pounds. I've said many times that some people are so poor because all they have is money. When I talk with friends who have amazing careers, it seems like the majority of them are not in the place they could be health wise or relationally and I feel like what's missing is this. How do I describe "this"? Maybe I just did. It's the growth mindset, it's working hard on yourself, it's surrounding yourself with other people who will challenge you and that you have the ability to hear them as opposed to taking it as criticism.

Maybe my numbers in TBB aren't where i'd like them to be at the moment, but they'll be back. What I have gotten out of this is far more brilliant and loving and peaceful and genuine than the almighty dollar. I'm patient, i'm warm, kind, loving, happy, authentic, occasionally inappropriate (in the quest to make my friends laugh or maybe I have Turrets), I've learned how to become a solid cook and getting better. I show by way of example how to be more engaged with your children. I've learned how to have meaningful conversations and challenge the smartest and most successful people in through provoking ways, so that they too can move the needle forward in their lives.

We don't have the only way to make a buck, but we have such depth to what we are offering, how we ingratiate people, how we cultivate relationships with the willing and deserving; all of this matters. You matter. I matter. It all matters. I've said for years that people come for the push ups and they stay for the people.

I watch how well the leaders in this page have become amazing story tellers. In the few minutes ahead of being asked this question "does age matter?", I read a story that my buddy Pat shared, I read a post from a friend in her 20's who sparked this discussion (Chelsea), and i've read or watched countless total amazement to your ability to relate and connect and reel people into your stories. How is it that on opposite ends of the country, thanks to social media platforms, i can read Monica P's posts and know what an amazing mother she is, and that her ethics, her moral compass are not for sale. Have you ever read any of Brandi B's posts? You can't help but root for her at every turn. I love how Amy S. can be so wildly honest and forthright and brave. We might all assume is so easy for her, but that doesn't happen on accident. There's intention, intuition, heart felt beliefs, and such a giving spirit in the most altruistic of ways, or she wouldn't connect. And of course she does.

I spent on short weekend in a group setting with the Ward's team and was lucky enough to meet their crew and one guy in there, Cody Monday. I've followed every post that facebook enabled me to see of his, and watched from the outside looking in, his son's battle with cancer. Not one of us would ever want to trade places with him as he lost his son to that horrible disease. And that amazing human being keeps going, he keeps sharing his journey of life, of pain, of his experiences. In the Tony Horton group, Cody wrote the other day that the group was what's keeping him going, and his mind right throughout his painful reality. We all know the healthy hormone flow, the good nutrition, and that surely helps, but again, it's the people. It's people who care.

That's beautiful. It's not unlike a movie when we get lost in a character or a scene or the whole 2 hour journey. We cry for people, we laugh with people, we yearn for their success, and we cringe when we watch them make mistakes. Yet like the assumption that the hero will win in the end, we believe in our people in that very same way. We know if they will just...stay...the...course, they will find success. And whether this came with age or experience, I love embracing that we each get to define what success means to you. You don't need anyone's permission to succeed. You just need to believe in you.

45, 55, 35, 25, 65, doesn't really matter. Believing in yourself, believing that you have the ability to make your situation better, and believing that you have the ability to bring someone along for the ride, believing that you have a significant way to help someone be healthier. Who doesn't want that?

This whole thing is bigger, it's deeper, it's more than a cool app, or the best nutrition. It's the people. If Darin & Isabelle & Carl weren't wired the way they are, we wouldn't have Shakeology. Same thing goes for Tony and Chalene and all the trainers, for Carl & Jon; those guys are visionaries & salt of the earth. It's not surprising to me to see the people they come to hold relationships with, who can't help but want to work together in some way, or you wouldn't have the Marcus Elliotts of the world pouring into this company behind the scenes to give their best advice to make something a little bit better.

Be a little bit better. Each day. Embrace who's still with you in your business, embrace the idea of the amazing people you haven't even met yet, and sleep well knowing that the best has yet to come!

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