Awesome Meal For 4 People + A Bonus Meal - All In One! Baked Chicken

We all love a great meal! I've been working on various recipes over the last couple of years. Things that my kids and I will love and is ideally clean eating! Today's feature is cool because you actually get a couple meals out of this! It's a baked whole chicken with veggies, potatoes, & a salad! Part two to this is taking the remains and making bone broth soup! Every time my kids find me making this, it typically stems from them smelling the amazing aromas coming from the kitchen, then coming in to ask what I'm making, then them freaking out with JOY because they know they are in for an amazing meal! My guys are little foodies too! I've taken them to great restaurants all over from LA to NYC, FLA, the Bahamas, and more! I love that they appreciate good food that's also healthy food!

Hungry yet? AWESOME! Juicy & flavorful chicken awaits!

Prepped chicken & potatoes ready for the oven!

Prep time is about 30 minutes and from there it's smooth sailing! A total time from prep to food on the table is about 2:15, so plan ahead! This one is quite simple and looks amazing, but tastes even better!

I get a free range chicken from Trader Joes. My shopping list is at the bottom of this post.

-Rinse and pat dry and put into a 9"x15" oven safe dish.

-take a celery stock and cut off base about 4-5" up from the butt of it. I stick that inside the cavity of the bird and have some butter on that. I also put some bacon scraps/pieces in with it.

-Pour Mirepoix (pre cut onions/celery/carrots) or chop onion/carrots/celery/shallots/garlic

**Mirepoix is a HUGE TIME SAVER. Personally, i love cutting veggies, but time is time. I add in some garlic cloves cleaned and cut in half, also chop up some shallots for amazing flavor!

-Rub some butter across the top. Tuck some under the wings and legs. A little butter inside the cavity as well.

-Sprinkle it with salt/pepper/garlic powder/21seasoning salute

-Then wrap bacon across the bird so it's mostly covered up. Sprinkle a little of the same seasoning on top of the bacon ends up AMAZING. ** if you're a big flavor person or love bacon more than most, you can add bacon pieces/scraps in the base and even inside the bird.

  • 450 degrees

  • 90 minutes (75 min under foil, + 15 with the foil off)

  • Let it stand for a few minutes and carve it.

I make an organic salad with a mix of spinach and romaine. I'll chop up red and orange peppers, beats, tomatoes, and dried cranberries. Balsamic vinaigrette is my go to. Sunflower seeds are a nice touch to this too.

I'll either do red potatoes or sweet potatoes.

-red potatoes rinsed and pat dry

--cut into small pieces about the size of your thumb tip. Put into a mixing bowl. Toss with a couple tablespoons of olive oil. Sea Salt/pepper/minimal garlic powder/21 seasoning salute (trader joes spice).

Put on a cookie sheet and bake at 450 for about 30 min


Sweet potatoes

-bake 425 for 40 min

-optional to rub in a little olive oil prior to baking

-when done, cut open, add a dash of cinnamon and little maple syrup.


I always get fresh cut flowers from the grocery store. Trim the ends and put in a vase or cool coffee cup.

I like to have good music on while I'm cooking. The chicken takes the longest so start with that. Then the potatoes. Then the salad. I clean as I go so when the chicken and potatoes are in the oven, my kitchen is spotless shortly thereafter. Makes for amazing atmosphere.

Feel free to add a dessert. A super simple something is a favorite ice cream into a cool little dish. I found beautiful little dishes at the local grocery. If you like Carmel or chocolate fudge, pick some up at the store, put some in a dish, heat, and pour over the ice cream.


Shopping list:

  • a free range whole chicken

  • mirepoix

  • **if they don't have Mirepoix, then get carrots, celery, and an onion (red ideally)

  • shallots

  • garlic

  • one celery stalk

  • spinach salad

  • romaine salad

  • salad garnishes like red and orange pepper (one each), one tomato, beats sliced.

  • red potatoes (comes in a bag or separate) or sweet potatoes (one per person)

  • Ice cream

  • Carmel or hot fudge

  • white vinegar or Apple cider vinegar (for bone broth soup later)

BONE BROTH SOUP-I take all the chicken remains from the plates and the baking dish, and all the other items in the baking dish, and make it into bone broth. This is a simple recipe. Strip all the meat off + the left over meat and put it in a zip lock. Get a big tall pot and put all the remains in it. Add water and a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of white vinegar (depends on how full the pot is with carcass. The vinegar pulls the nutrients out of the bones so you end up with an amazing densely packed soup full of nutrients. Perfect for a nice second meal another day or to help a sick one. This is grandmas recipe! You bring it to a boil and then simmer it for a day or two. Strain all the broth out so the remains stay in the strainer. Then add in the chicken meat, season to taste. Warm on the stove and ENJOY!

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