Birth > Life > Death

Birth > Life > Death

“You can’t control the ends, but the middle is up to you”

Darren Hardy said that and he’s a pretty bright guy!

In Darren’s workbook series, ‘Living your best year ever’ he has a line in the preface that says “the why is much more important than the how”

Maybe I can spare you reading the rest of this and just pose the question, “if you found out you had a year to live, what would that year look like for you and what would you do?” Personally, I don’t know why we don’t approach every day that way. Why not? What do you have to lose?

If you actually put thought to that question, you just up’d your game on your “why” which are your goals and dreams and all the things that excite you about life!

Ironic as it may be to write what i’m about to share, (and share from the heart is the only thing I know how to do) as my team has crushed this last week and month like nobody’s business, there are some people who fell short in what they wanted to accomplish.

First off, this is me reaching my hand out to you. This is the team reaching their hands out to you. We are a team and in a sense, we are a family.

We’ve shared life, love, experiences, joy, humility, grace, competitiveness, and empowerment with each other and those around us.

Some take to this easier than others. This is the point in the conversation when we should all ask the perfect questions. Why? How?

I’m going to go out on a limb and share from my own experience in leading people, what it is I see that derails too many amazing & awesome people into a place of frozen. Call it a rut. For some, just the acknowledgment of being in a rut is enough to get them moving on out of the damn thing.

For others, you may be dealing with self doubt, low self esteem, , too much worry, it could be financial troubles, problems at home, etc. There are many versions of what this is, but if you wrap things into a convenient nutshell, self doubt is the common thread that comes to light when you look at all the things I mentioned.

If you drive into a really bad neighborhood, you’ll realize in a brief moment that people don’t have much or anything at all. But i’m not really talking about material things. It gets quickly down to necessities like shelter, safety, warmth & food pretty quick. But what too many people in those situations don’t have… hope.

Hope that their situation will change. Hope that they will live another day. Hope that they will not be in a horrible circumstance. Hope that they will have enough to feed their family. Overall, the lack of hope is a huge destroyer of otherwise good people.

In juxtaposition to this is when you’re talking to a successful strong person, they nearly laugh at hope as they might even say it’s for weaklings. That could be the polar end of the spectrum, but none the less, it’s a frame of mind.

Darren Hardy is the speaker who will remind you that for every person in this room, reading this piece, he’ll show you a hundred people who came from ten times worse in upbringing, from more financial destitute, and yet they will be ten times more successful than anyone here.

Why? How?

It all starts with a frame of mind. You don’t need my “know how”, what you need is my determination.

It takes a hell of a lot to get me down. A LOT. Sometimes to a fault, but I won’t look at it like that. I look at the upside in everything. When I was in real estate, Ilooked at the upside in everything. If I wanted the downside, i’d just call my attorney and he was happy to give it to me…err charge me to give it to me.

Relentless optimism about what you want, what you’re doing, and more over, WHO YOU ARE, is what I want to wave a wand and change for as many people as need it. This isn’t me saving you, this is me waking you up to realize what you’re capable of doing. That you have abilities, passions, convictions, hopes, dreams, things to do, and a life to connect these dots. What in the hell are you waiting for?If you want a sign, here it is.

I was asked what significant thing do I want to do or to be known for and it caused me to think about this a great deal. It’s not a soup question you know. This has depth. My response is to be a seamstress of your life’s fabric. I want to sew the pieces together to enlighten and empower you to be the person you’re about to become, to do the things you’re able to do, to experience the feelings you so much desire for.

We get one shot at life. How long is it? Well, Einstein said time is relative. In my opinion, it’s about cherishing the moments we have, filling them up with the things that make us feel good, the things that let us feel empathy so we’re connected with our fellow human beings, it’s about being present in your life and the lives of those around you.

For those in a funk, it’s time to just say enough. ENOUGH. It’s your time to move forward. Sure this is where I say to let go of the past and look at the life in front of you, but in your past you’ve had successes and failures. You’ll learn infinitely more from the failures than you ever will your successes. Reflect on those and learn. Make the adjustments. Look ahead at the game of life with a fresh perspective and get your mind right!

As you look into the future, you have this blank slate that is the book to fill up with your memories, experiences, your life. You don’t know when it ends, but it’s a guarantee that it’s going to end, so make the most of your time now. Make your perspective one to appreciate the people around you. Smile and say hello to everyone. I literally talk to everyone as I go places. Janitors, grocery store workers, gas station attendants, whomever. They are people just like me or you. I love to smile and say hello and ask how their day is going.

For no other reason, than they matter.

You matter. I don’t care if you’re my competitor or comrade in arms, we share this space and this time.

Do the things that make you feel awesome, challenge the status quo, and embrace the opportunities around you. It’s the consistent persistent steps you take day in and day out that get you to your goals. Because either what you’re doing is getting you there or not. I say you get in tune with those goals and have the best damn time in your life ever making them happen!

If not now…when?

If not you…who?

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