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We have the most absolute efficient ways to get healthy and fit!  It's 100% rooted in you getting to your goals! Do you want to lose weight, get healthier blood levels, get ready for a race or ski season, and/or feel confident in a swim suit?  Often, there's a "gateway" product that makes a key difference for people.  Something that helps remove the hurdles and get things moving in the right direction.  I'm happy to have a convo with you to see if I have something that can help. And of course, never with any pressure!


There are only a handful of reasons why someone joins my team:

It's to help other people, accountability with your own health & fitness, financial reasons, time freedom, and/or being part of something bigger than you. When people see the blueprint I was taught on wealth creation (nothing to do with this business), most end up wanting to create another stream of income thereafter.  This may be a great fit for you on that.  All I want to know about is you, what's important to you? From personally, to family goals, to where you want to be in five years, to the trips you want to take, etc.  Personally, I want to pay cash for my kids' college and this is how I'm going to do that. 

*Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity.

Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

Balanced mind in

a balanced body


Train indoors to play in an outdoor world!



My heart is with my family and in adding value to others. 

TL:DR: I love helping people-This business has only helped my family and countless others-i'm a full time single dad and have had massive amounts of time to share with my kids across the years all thanks to the freedom in how this business works.-This biz has enabled me to countless trips all over the world from vacations to speaking at events.


So many people spend the first part of their life striving for education, jobs, careers, accolades, and one day it hit me that what I really want is a life of significance!  I can't imagine living this life like you have another one in the bank, so my mission is and has been to show what's possible, lead by example, and to help other people design the life they truly want and deserve! These workouts and nutrition have changed my life!  As an ex athlete with far too many injuries and surgeries under my belt, i'll testify first hand to the greatest tools ever created to help someone get healthier!  My first time with P90X helped me drop the excess weight and get back in the shape of my life!  I've had other surgeries from wrecks and these programs keep me where I want and need to be health wise!  


I'm a business expert doing health & fitness online.

From a young athlete and musician with five older siblings, to professional inline skater, to an amazing experience in family retail, to a tenured career in real estate & development  I have great life experience to share with you! All of those things are simply rooted in personal relationships!  My specialty is people!


This business has afforded me the time & financial freedom to live a life I used to dream about.  For years, I felt like a #1 guy trapped in a #2 position so I decided to go into real estate. I started in residential but had my sites set on commercial. My first two years were very productive across the board, then I became a Broker and opened my own shop, eventually becoming a Sotheby's franchise.  Times were great and we did hundreds of millions in transactions.  Sad to say that most of the projects we represented were across the street from Lehman Bros. backed deals.  The rest of the deals were tracts, new home sales, and high end homes.  Not what the market needed anymore.  When the market crashed in 2008, I crashed with it and subsequently lost everything we owned and later ended up in bankruptcy court. It's a crazy feeling to go from working so hard to create a successful life, living in a dream home on a golf course, to being forced to move, riding my bike for transportation and taking your kids to school in the bike trailer.


As it turns out, it was the best thing that ever happened to me because it's when we stumbled into this opportunity.  Had the market still been going, I doubt i'd have even looked at this.  When I look around my team of people and my friends who run other large teams, I see a landscape of the most amazing people from stay at home moms to attorneys, military, teachers, nurses, you name it.  I love that!  The old saying "show me your closest 5 friends and i'll show you your future" resonates more now than I could ever describe to you.


With what we do, we have helped change countless people's lives for the better!  At the end of the day, that's what I want; to live a life of significance, help as many people as possible, as efficient as possible, have a great time in the process and not miss a minute of my children growing up!  I've been able to build this while I dug our way out of the market crash, turned it into part time income to full time income, and so much more!  It feels like I close a real estate deal each week except without all the stress!  And, I feel like life has just begun!  I've been fortunate enough to speak at many events across North America to share my story, to teach personal development and business development to north of 100K people in the last few years.  


I was able to move my family when my youngest had respiratory health issues.  That journey has greatly lessened what he was dealing with and now my kids and I are back in California thriving and his health issues are basically behind him. The freedom to be able to do this type of work from anywhere, made life so much easier for me but more importantly, for the health of my son.  


Add in that this business has sent us on so many amazing trips from a bike tour in the south of France to Cruises in the Caribbean to leadership events, and all the travel we've done on our own, I will say that I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate.  Had I been shortsighted or assumptive in thinking I knew what this busienss was, I would have driven right by it!  Like I tell everyone, if it's for you, great, if it's not, that's great too, but it's one of the best opportunities sitting in front of you right now and in one of the biggest growth sectors in world business!

This is something you should consider!


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